Our Values

At Promaps we make no apologies for being the best at what we do. We are better because we are different. We deliver the quality you demand, combined with unrivalled value for money, meeting project deadlines and customer change requests each and every time. These features, we believe, are unique to Promaps and cannot be found at any of our competitors

Over 200 years of combined experience within policing and law enforcement has enriched our understanding of the onerous demands placed upon them by society. The Promaps experience operates within a framework of understanding surrounding the government’s key priorities and a need for forces to demonstrate best value


Previously identification procedures had many detractors, and history is replete with examples of judicial review, criticism, and case law, surrounding what we viewed as flawed procedures. Now contrast this with the Promaps experience. We congratulate our customers on rolling out a process which can only enhance their reputation in the eyes of criminal justice stakeholders

Customer Control

Promaps lets you retain control of your organisations priorities. Images are selected from your database and the system allows you to assemble a parade quickly in the presence of a suspect’s legal representative. Systems supplied by our competitors do not afford the same level of control and have many inherent disadvantages

You are obliged to relinquish your internal capabilities and control, and place them entirely in the hands of a supplier. Once an organisation outsources its entire capability, it becomes dependant. Outsourcing capability is equivalent to outsourcing control. A supplier can dictate when the service is delivered, where, and at what cost. In the case of our product, all those disadvantages are precluded, and you decide upon the service level agreement. It is just typical of Promaps to ensure that the needs of its customers come first


We recognise that we are dealing with customers and processes which must be seen to possess impeccable integrity. We will never compromise that integrity


We follow government guidelines with regards to your data security. We therefore pledge product compliance with these standards. We also aim to exceed these standards wherever possible


Promaps pledges compliance at all times with relevant legislation, whether this be the codes of practice contained in the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, Data Protection legislation, or the Human Rights Act, we unequivocally accept both the spirit and the letter of the law


Both from a business perspective and as a first-class employer, we value input from our staff, customers, academics, and suppliers alike. People spark innovation and we respect all contributions of whatever class, race, gender, religion, age, or ability


Working Alongside