Consistent High Quality Image Capture

Delivering Images to National Standards

Over the past 20 years we have continually developed our bespoke software application such that it delivers all of the image and video capture requirements for individuals processed through custody. This has resulted in a streamlined capture process that only takes 15 seconds to complete, freeing up valuable time for custody staff. Our focus on integration ensures that all images captured through the Promaps system can be shared seamlessly with other third party systems, removing the need for double keying data into multiple systems

  • Promaps capture can be configured in a number of different ways dependent upon operational requirements

Capture a Custody Image

The Promaps custody image capture process follows, and exceeds, the recommended standards for digital still image capture and data interchange of facial images. The Promaps capture process ensures that the head is central and facing directly towards the camera, with no tilt angle, and that both eyes are open. This produces high definition, 3:4 ratio images, that are compliant for PND and for the use of facial recognition searches

  • Image file sizes can be restricted for integration with 3rd party systems
  • Option to capture the side profiles
  • Option to capture unique features such as tattoos
  • Numerous output file format options
  • Pre-capture lamp illumination checks to ensure lighting is consistent
  • Additional option to capture images to the clipboard
  • Individual captures are tagged with the user, location, and date/time of capture

Capture a Video for Identification Parades

A standard identification parade capture consists of a 15 second video where the suspect follows audio instructions given by the software to ensure that the video capture process is consistent each and every time. This approach guarantees that all the videos, including the suspect, follow the preset movements and timing standards required to make certain that a fair identification parade is produced and ensure that the suspect does not stand out over and above the other distracters

  • Audio instructions are available in a range of languages
  • Videos are available demonstrating the capture process in a range of languages
  • Additional temporary archiving of each video capture for redundancy purposes
  • Image captures can additionally be saved to any location
  • A video compression technique has been developed to minimise files sizes without compromising video quality

Dual Capture

Our bespoke video capture software can be configured such that all individuals processed through custody have a 15 second video capture taken and from this single video capture the software can then deliver a front facing custody image, left and right profile custody images, and a video and thumbnail image for use in ID parades

In addition, the software can also capture separate images of distinctive scars, marks, or tattoos, all within the same single image capture process

All of these images can then be uploaded into Promaps as one single process and attached to the Promaps custody record. This one stop single capture process provides many significant benefits such as only requiring one set of equipment and one location to capture both custody images and Promaps video captures, only one set of equipment to support and maintain, and one single process for detention officers to follow which both simplifies processing and improves image capture quality

  • A single capture process that feeds all force image capture requirements
  • Negates the need for hosting and supporting two separate sets of capture hardware
  • No requirement to learn multiple capture processes

Digital Image Booths

The Digital Image Booth offers an ideal solution for forces requiring consistent high-quality digital images for both custody imaging and video identification parades

The Digital Image Booth is a compact, self-contained unit with a footprint of only 138cm x 72cm (54” x 28”). To minimise any possible damage, the tough metal shell has a smooth surface with all key equipment held within sealed units

Each booth is fitted with a high-quality digital camera with video feed. The camera is pre-set to ensure all images are in focus and correctly exposed and the booth meets all scene requirements in terms of correct pose, uniform lighting and background

The supply of each Digital Identification Booth includes full installation, set-up, training, plus an initial 12 month on-site warranty which can be extended if preferred

  • Fitted USB socket allows hook-up to existing computer systems
  • Booth will fit through any standard-size doorway (length 138cm/54” x width 72cm/28” x height 208cm/82”)
  • Internal floor is easy-clean, non-slip PVC
  • Open doorway to booth avoids any concerns about claustrophobia

The booth adheres to the following standards:

  • CE Marking Directive (93/68/EEC)
  • Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC)
  • BS.EN 60598 – 1
  • BS.EN 60598 – 2.4



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