Promaps and Third Party Systems

Past experiences highlight the importance of integration and information sharing between police systems

Information sharing enables early intervention, preventative work to safeguard and promote welfare, and for wider public protection. The public need to be confident that their personal information is kept safe and secure

The Police service as a whole is responsible for ensuring that information is shared appropriately as part of day-to-day practice and that it is done so confidently, proportionately, and lawfully

When developing the Promaps system a critical requirement was to ensure that it could function alongside, and interact with, existing custody management systems to provide enhanced capabilities and enable Police Forces to have more control over how, when, and where both custody images and Promaps video captures are utilised

Having connectivity between your custody management system and Promaps helps ensure that you maintain control of, and can fully manage, all of your imaging data. For example, Promaps will be able to receive deletion requests from your custody management system and when these deletions take place Promaps will provide a comprehensive audit of where and when that particular image has been used in previous witness albums, ID parades, and research projects. This will then enable the force to take decisions as to whether those witness albums, ID parades, and research projects should be retained or deleted. The audit will also identify when an image has been downloaded from Promaps and used for another purpose so that these images can also be identified and deleted as required



  • Promaps automatically updates its records with the Police National Database
  • Promaps already has agreements in place with various custody management systems
  • Data integration prevents double keying saving time and improving accuracy
  • Promaps has an open API for data sharing
  • Promaps handles data change tracking across systems

Working Alongside