Targeted Use of Facial Recognition

Identifying suspects involved in criminal activity

In today’s digital world where CCTV cameras are prevalent in many areas, it is now possible to analyse footage of criminal activity and search for potential matches in existing police databases, giving officers an invaluable tool to help identify potential suspects, which can then be substantiated through further investigation

Scans can also be configured to check all historical images against each individual record, rather than just scanning the most recent image, which provides significant advantages for investigations into historical offences. Any potential matches are ordered based on the perceived closeness of the match with operators then able to review the returned images to determine whether any of the images provide a match with the original image. Should a match be identified, the system will provide details of the individual so that further investigations can be initiated.

In addition to uploading images showing only one individual, it is also possible to upload an image with multiple individuals present and only run facial recognition searches for a specific individual or individuals, and if required you can also upload a video and again only run a search for a specific individual from the available footage


Image Sources

  • Body camera footage
  • CCTV street footage
  • CCTV shop footage
  • Historical video footage or image
  • Images built from a witness description



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