A Fully Managed Cloud Solution

Cutting departmental information technology costs

The Promaps cloud solution provides a platform that enables multiple forces to share the same software and database instance in a sandboxed environment ensuring each forces data is segregated but can be shared across force boundaries when required

Traditionally each Police Force had its own application and database instance hosted internally, leading to internal IT management costs associated with maintaining the database, applying system updates, and supporting basic end user requests such as resetting forgotten passwords. The Promaps cloud system takes care of all of these issues, with the responsibility managed by our dedicated technical support team



  • System updates which traditionally took months to roll out can now happen overnight
  • National database updates and national deletions can happen instantly
  • Parades can now be viewed across force boundaries
  • Images can be captured by one force, the parade built by another force, with the witness viewing completed in a third force
  • The cloud system has been audited and accredited by an approved agency
  • All online data is secured using data at rest encryption methods
  • All users require MFA to ensure only approved users can access the system
  • Eliminates the need for local copies of data on physical media

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