Image Masking and Replication

Facial Feature Masking

A parade would be considered unfair if a suspect has a tattoo, blemish, or other unique facial feature that cannot be easily matched in the database of distracters

To combat this Promaps has developed a bespoke solution that enables these unique facial features to be masked or pixelated in either video format or as still images. The masking on the suspect is then replicated across the chosen set of distracter images so the same masking / pixelation appears on all parade assets even though only the suspect video / image is hiding the feature

  • Pixelation of motion video
  • Pixelation of still images
  • Thumbnail images can be easily taken from the pixelated image
  • Multiple features can be pixelated
  • Clothing can be blocked out
  • Transparent layers can be created
  • Features can be tracked across moving images
  • Reverse masking
  • Crop and zoom
  • HSL adjustments
  • Instant change feedback
  • Key frame marking
  • Select pixelation or single colour blocking
  • Mask objects can be rotated, resized, and reshaped, across multiple video frames

Facial Feature Replication

Studies have shown that there is no appreciable variation in pick out rates when using replication over masking, but in some rare cases, replication of facial features is preferred

We can provide you with the required training such that you have the capability to complete a wide range of replication tasks internally. However, on certain occasions, you may have parade replication requirements that are beyond the internal skill level of your department. In these circumstances Promaps offers a bureaux service offering a wide range of advanced digital image editing techniques

  • Replication of a tattoo or scar across distracters
  • Replication of freckles across distracters
  • Replication of hair styles across distracters
  • Replication of beards across distracters
  • Replication of moustaches across distracters
  • Replication of glasses across distracters
  • Replication of jewellery across distracters
  • Hair Removal across distracters
  • Masking clothing
  • Skin tone blending
  • Image degradation/enhancement to enable historic images to be used in an ID parade



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