Promaps Custody

Managing custody images and metadata

Promaps custody is an optional module that facilitates the capture and storage of custody images, management of custody records stored in Promaps, creation of research projects, compilation of witness albums, compilation of ID parades using custody images, and the use of facial recognition to identify offenders captured on CCTV or other medium

The custody module can be integrated with your existing custody management system, providing a platform for the complete management of all of your imaging data. A comprehensive audit trail provides full detail of where, when, and how, all images related to a specific individual have been utilised. This includes the use of images in ID parades, witness albums, research projects, and when images are extracted from the system for use elsewhere. This level of detail is invaluable when reviewing the retention of information and ensuring that any deletion requirements are processed meticulously

Witness Albums

The use of witness albums has reduced in recent years due to low success / hit rates, but the facility remains a fundamental requirement within PACE. When developing the witness album functionality, a key consideration was how to ensure the process had the maximum possibility of increased success rates

To achieve successful results, it is imperative that the most pertinent images are shown to witnesses and so we have worked to ensure that all critical search criterion are fully searchable such as offence location (single boroughs/town or multiple areas), offence types, and the ability to search for recently active persons

For example, if a robbery takes place in a certain location, it is imperative that you are able to narrow down your search to include persons that are known to have committed robberies previously in the given location, and are known to have been active within the past 6/12 months, before then also including basic search parameters such as gender, age, ethnicity etc. You can also add specific persons of interest by searching for individuals directly. As with ID parades, whenever an image is included within a witness album the Promaps custody record is updated to reflect this

When witness albums are shown to witnesses, witnesses can enlarge individual images and see both the left and right profile custody images in addition to the front facing custody image. Witnesses can also save / keep images of interest to review at the end of the process once all images have been viewed initially. On completion of the process Promaps produces both an officer and a witness statement in regards to the witness album procedure

Promaps retains a detailed audit trial of the entire process from the image selection process, including details of the exact search parameters used and any specific images that were added, through to comprehensive details of the witness viewing process such that any witness album viewing can be replayed in full exactly as it took place originally

Research Projects

The research facility within the custody module enables operators to create individual projects which include persons of interest in regard to a particular event. These persons of interest can be added to a project based on intelligence, a description from a witness, nature of the crime, crime location etc

Operators can then add notes against specific individuals as an investigation progresses and / or individuals can be marked as no longer being a person of interest alongside any specific notes / details

Once the number of persons of interest has been reduced in size following initial investigations the remaining individuals can then be added to a witness album or an ID parade as required. All research projects can be password protected by the creator to prevent unauthorised access when operators are working with sensitive information. As with all other aspects of the custody module, whenever an image is added to a research project the respective Promaps custody record would be updated to reflect this



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